Hi Mary,

Sorry I haven’t been better about staying in touch. After we saw you in August life got crazy.

As you can see from the photos Gunny is not my little boy any more. He loves to play fetch with anyone who will throw the ball. He is good with the neighborhood, children they can throw the ball or race back with him. Gunny never knocks them over, jumps on them, or nips at their feet, things he try’s to do with me. I wish I was better at zip drives there are more pictures I would like you to see.

Gunny’s coat is this gorgeous thick black not deep red on legs but not tan out either. He is getting the beautiful GSD mane around his neck and face that we all love. He was 9 months in the picture weighs 71lbs and is approx 25″ at shoulders. Everywhere we go people comment on his looks, manners and then want to know where we got him. He has quite a following at the dog park, local pet food store, and the dog wash and go.

Thank you hundred times over for being the quality breeder and picking the correct dog for David and I. I will look forward to hearing from you.


Shawn 1/22/2010



Hi Mary,

We hope you and your family are well. It’s been a while since we’ve chatted. We have been so busy. Kado is doing great! He loves his holistic food, and his coat looks beautiful! He goes almost everywhere with us, and he just loves it. He just took pix with his vet. He posed very nicely as she put her arm around him. He’s such a handsome guy and will pose on the spot for a picture. His handsome looks may be going to his head, lol. The compliments on him just keep pouring in. He reminds me a lot of his father Nemo. You are a great breeder, and can’t thank you enough for Kado. We would like you to add us to your testimonial page on your site. We attached Kado’s picture. Hope you like it. I will be sure to send more later.

Ed and Sheri 1/22/2010

P.S. Are there any good tracking, herding, schutzhund classes in the area for Kado? Let me know. Thanks a lot.



Hi Mary,

This is Shep with our kids. He is almost two years old & such a joy! Shep is smart and patient and funny and a wonderful pet. He is nuts about playing ball and running in the snow, but not so much about swimming in the summer – although he watches the children diligently from shore while they swim in the lake. He gets a lot of compliments on how handsome he is, and we just adore him.

Thanks so much,

Heather 1/4/2010




Sage “Tia” is doing great. She is now 8 months old and subservant to Molly our jack russell terrier, Sage first barked at 6 months and it sounded like it came from a 120lb male dog, awesome,as you know she was a gift for my wife Laura but she takes a little more to me, she is at my feet in the office now, she is a loving dog, you can actually hug her and she doesn’t freak out, Sage does love her mom also I have pictures of her on the couch asleep in Laura’s lap which she does often, she loves the cold we got about a foot of snow over the last couple of days and she loves to run along with me on the 4 wheeler, good exercise.

Anyway I could go on and on about Sage she is a wonderful dog and seems to have an excellent judge of character, by the way she loves the pool also.

Thank You and Merry Christmas,
James and Laura 12/25/2009



How are you? It’d been a long time I didn’t send any pictures of my dog “Zamb” to you. Zamb doesn’t has any title but his elbow and hip are “a normal” and he had been train obinien, track by myself. He is very drive and good movement. My friends took him worked as snow patrol last winter. We have a lot of fun with him. These are some pictures of Zamb Von der Waldhimmel,3 yrs ( Dec 2 ). Sometime I want to take him to show but it was so far ( out of state ) and some club need the title. Anyway I don’t care title because he is not stud dog. I do train him almost like as SchHhund except bite work because I don’t have helper.

Hope you are doing well. I am follow your webpage all the time. You do the great job. May be I will get a working line from your someday.

Merry Christmas,
Fathai 12/11/2009




We just wanted to give an update on Lugar (Teddy) puppy from the Nemo/Anouk litter. We LOVE our “puppy boy” so much. We have been so happy with his temperament and personality. He is the perfect family dog, he is not overly dominate or submissive, a perfect middle ground. He gets along well with all other dogs small and large. We are constantly impressed with how smart he is, he can learn a new trick after just a few tries. Lugar loves car rides, playing fetch with large sticks, and chasing his tail.

Again, thank you so much we were so happy with how professional you are and how easy you made the process. We did a TON of research before choosing a breeder, and were so happy with you, and our wonderful puppy is proof that you did a fantastic job. We look at your website frequently, looks like Lugar’s sister “Tori” was added to your breeding stock, how exciting! We keep talking about getting another, and trying a long haired shepherd.

Thanks again,

Brandi and Tom 11/24/2009



Hi Mary,

I’ve been going to send pics of Otto. Now after his stay at “Camp Call of the Wild”as I call it Paradise Ranch I have an entire portfolio thanks to Bill. I think he is Obama’s litter mate. Otto has developed into an awesome dog, taking to obedience training wonderfully and we both enjoy working with him. Puperazzi was a big help and we later worked with Steve Fuller who trained us rather than Otto. Larry usually exercises him in the a.m. and a good walk during the day. People always comment on his good looks and his temperament is as you said–a good companion. I think he would make a good search and rescue dog as he continually works scent patterns. Your dogs are the best.


Janet and Larry 11/18/2009



Hi Mary,

Sully at 6 months πŸ™‚ He’s such a handsome boy! I switched him over to the Eagle Pack food and he LOVES it!! He gets a lot of comments on how beautiful his coat looks.

Happy Holidays!

Alissa 11/02/2009



Thank You Mary for the great German Shepherd Dog. Idol is truly magnificent! A great family Dog just as you said he would be. Keep up the great work, you breed amazing Dogs!

Stacey 10/31/2009



Just wanted to send you a picture of Ceasar. I am sure you are always interested in seeing them as they grow up. I would love to see pictures of his siblings if you get any or find the time to send some.

Thanks so much. Best Regards,

Zsani 10/27/2009




5 months old today. 51 lbs. Sweetest disposition you could hope for.

Mary–you did great. Have to give some credit to Nemo and Tally. Noted that you are breeding Tally to another stud. Hope you repeat the Nemo/Tally breeding sometime—from what we’ve seen, the progeny is uniformly gorgeous, and testimonials are effusive. Tessa (Sally von W.) is a sweetheart. She charms everyone she meets, loves children, and is just an incredible companion.

Andy and Cheryl 9/07/2009



Hi Mary,

Well, our Garon (your Obama) is one year old today. He has turned out to have a beautiful coat/markings, and I wanted to share some pictures with you. He is just the best all-around dog… highly intelligent, playful, full of personality, protective yet social, affectionate, and he loves to travel. We get comments everywhere we go on what a good-looking dog he is. We take him pretty much everywhere with us, weather permitting. We took him to Yellowstone this past spring, and it was as though HE was a main attraction. Every time we stopped to sit down, we had a constant stream of people coming up to him.

I would like to get another long-coat “baby brother” for Garon, but Jess is balking at the idea. I’ll keep working on him, though!

Thanks again for an outstanding dog!

Becky and Jess 8/30/2009



Hi Mary,

It has been awhile and you are overdue for a Brixie report… HE, of course is the centerpiece!

Gerrie, on the left, had a guest for a few days who became quite attached to The Brix… so who doesn’t???

That blonde on the left, Lucy, is a rescue animal who is appreciative beyond belief in being here… The Brix still thinks ALL dogs live the way he does!!!!!!!

…anyway, the Brix is enjoying a wonderful life…

Handsome fellow, is he not???





Hi Mary,

I just wanted to send you a picture to show you how beautiful of a dog Untox (Sully) is growing up to be! I take him everywhere with me! He is the best little traveler! He makes friends EVERYWHERE we go.

The first thing people tell me is how handsome he is… and how big his feet are… πŸ™‚ and people are always so impressed with how well socialized and sweet he is with everyone he meets! He is amazingly well behaved and very intuitive to my directions. I’m so happy with the puppy that you selected for me!

Thank you so much for all of the hard work you devote to all of your puppies and dogs. I simply cannot say how much I am impressed with Sully everyday.

– Alissa 8/14/2009



This is Shade (Gunny) at 16 weeks 39 lbs such a good boy. He is doing so well in novice behavior class, I think I mentioned we skipped puppy class. Trainer said he was well socialized and had the basics down thanks to you and the time you spend with each litter.

We are looking forward to seeing you later this month.

Shawn 8/5/2009




Thought you might enjoy pictures of Lucky (Syrus) discovering a family of raccoons on our deck.

You sure made a good choice for us; he is a loving, obedient, precious puppy.

Judy 7/15/2009



Hi Mary,

She (Quinny) is just beautiful!! Thank you again for her.

We are waiting until April 2010 to spay her. Thank you for the info. Learn something new everyday!

Peggy 7/10/2009



Hi Mary,

I know it has been awhile but I thought that I would say hello and give you an update on Kai as he turns 5 tomorrow. I can’t believe how the time has flown! He is doing wonderfully and still gets a lot of attention wherever we go. I know I’m completely biased but I can’t say I’ve ever met a better looking Shepherd or one with a better personality πŸ˜‰ I rescued a Chow-Husky mix a couple of years ago and they immediately became inseparable. His favorite thing in life is going to the dog park and though he is very good with other dogs he prefers to play Frisbee or socialize with people. His sister Keeley prefers to harasses the other dogs. πŸ™‚

I’ve attached a couple of pictures from a recent trip to Florida for you.

Hope all is well with you,

– Jessica 7/2/2009




Hi Mary,

I have on quick question and thought I would give you an update on Urkel. We love our lil Pup Pup (that nickname has stuck and he’s far from little). We moved just over a year ago to Molalla on 2.5 acres and he loves it! He loves to be outside, he will just wander and explore or lay in the shade under the big tree all summer long. He loves to go for a rides, camping and loves to swim! He’s is such a great addition to our family. He is very protective of his yard and his family. He is even protective of animals that are in a movie or on TV. He loves to watch the Dog Whisperer. Our yellow Lab Abby gets along with him great and have become good friends. We watch your web site and often talk about one day getting a second Von Waldhimmel, we love the pictures of the puppies. Thank you for a great dog, we get compliments on him often on what a gorgeous dog he is!

My question is about my Lab Abby and her diet. Urkel is on National Dog food from a local distributor. Abby has always been on other “diet” dog food, she is 6 years old and a little over weight. We ran out of her food and was feeding her some of Urkel’s national food. We noticed a difference in Abby’s energy and want to play more. We figured out it was the better food she was eating. So we are looking for a better food for her. I contacted our local distributor about getting the adult maintenance national food and he doesn’t carry it. So my question to you is do you order from National Dog food and is that something we can purchase from you? And if not what food do you recommend for older dogs.

Thank you for your help and the wonderful dog! I’ve attached a couple pictures from Christmas of Urkel, Abby and Katrina.

Chris and Kristie 4/29/2009


Hi Mary,

Pup is doing VERY good still. She is the best sleeper πŸ˜‰ And can you believe that she has NOT gone potty in the house yet! She knows exactly why she is being taken outside! That’s most the battle with a pup…she came all trained I think : ) We have a lot of pic’s… I’ll send them soon… Thank you for the perfect pup!!!

Libby 4/14/2009



It’s been a while since we mailed you, and I was browsing around tonight looking at the Nemo’s pictures and remembering picking up Jack. This is a picture of Jack last Summer at the lake, he’s doing great. Jack’s six now (hard to imagine it’s been six wonderful years with his companionship and unquestioning love), and every day is still a joy.

I just wanted to let you know Jack’s doing great, and I still look back fondly at all you did to help match us to the best puppy possible.

Thanks again for the best part of our lives for 6 years running.

Ray and Shelly 3/9/2009





I noticed that you’re repeating the Okos and Nala breeding. We’ve been so happy with our pup Gunnar (from the first breeding of this pair) that I wanted to send you an update.

Gunnar is fabulous. From the first day we brought him home he’s been fearless, inquisitive, loving and intelligent. He fits into our life perfectly – whether we’re traveling in our motor home, riding our mountain bikes, driving around town running errands, going for walks, or just hanging around our home. He and our yellow lab are the best of friends but there’s no doubt that he’s my dog. He excelled in our obedience classes even though our practice sessions were often short and sometimes nonexistent. We just found a trainer for herding and plan to start our lessons in the next couple of weeks.

Gunnar is everything I hoped for in a dog. The next German Shepherd Dog we buy will definitely be out of your breeding program. I’m attaching a couple of pictures of Gunnar at 12 months.

Cherish the journey – Jan 2/8/2009



Hi Mary,

It was so nice to meet Jessie at Pup-A-Razzi. She’s such a nice young lady. I’m sure she’s told you all about Niko (or as we fondly call him “The Nikonator”…or even “Licko-nator” he’ll lick you to death). πŸ™‚ He’s doing very well. He’s matured so much but still has lots of puppy in him….and bounds and bounds of energy too. Such a sweetie. We’re keeping up the agility classes (which is where I see Jessie on Sundays); and now that we’re back in town, we can go more regularly as well. He really enjoys it.

Our trip to CA went very well. He loves spending time down on my dad’s property since it is a pretty flat 5 acre playground for him. And there are dogs on two sides of the property with whom he loves to run up and down the fenceline. Life is tough for him down there – chase balls, run with dogs, lay in the sun, play with my folks and us.

Rough rough rough. :0

Mel 12/10/2008



Sascha loves to be with our grandkids Emma, Reese and Travis (he is not in the pictures). She is starting to settle down a little and is doing just fine. She even has 2 new friends Samantha and Abby our 3 months old kittens. Abby just loves to be around the dog because she knows she will get lots of attention.

Happy Holiday Season.

Best Regards,

Monika 11/16/2008



Hello Mary,

I just wanted you to know that Jinx – (now Xena) is doing great. She has a fun, happy dog life – lots of exercise, plays with kids, swims in the river etc. She’s still working it out with the cat- but I expect that will happen. I am very happy with her. She sticks to me like glue!


Monica 7/17/2008


Dear Mary,

Dear Mary, All is well on the home front for Kyrie (Vendetta) and her two cats. She has taken responsibility as referee and intervenes anytime the cats start to wrestle. When looking for a puppy, I told you that the cats owned the house and a new addition to the family must be cat friendly – that is exactly what Kyrie is! She is by our side always. Kyrie goes with my husband to work, guards our house quite well (the UPS man can never sneak up on us), and won’t let me out of her sight when we’re walking in the woods. Even when we hike with other dogs who go adventuring off the trail, Kyrie clearly knows her responsibility is to watch over us.


She is also the most well trained dog I know. When it is bed time, she goes right into her crate without being told and stays until we are obviously awake the next morning. Although she is wary of anyone who knocks on our door, she is well behaved with everyone, including children, who enter our home. Her two favorite games are chasing launched tennis balls and airsoft BB’s around the backyard. She is also very communicative. If we’re watching a movie and it is time to go out, she will tap my foot with hers and wait for me to respond to her needs. I was shocked when this first happened – Kyrie is a very clear communicator.

Thank you for doing a terrific job with your breeding choices. I have met people who bred GSDs in the past and they are always impressed with her beauty, temperament, and shape. The German lines are visibly different from American GSD and people notice how uniquely beautiful Kyrie is. Although she is only two and everything we could ever want in a dog, I hope you will still be in the beautiful dog business when we are looking for a new GSD.

Kindra 7/13/2008


Hi everyone!

Haven’t sent any updates of the puppy recently, hard to believe she’ll be 19 months old on the 24th! She absolutely loves the snow… Guinness is probably the smartest dog I’ve ever had, and that’s smart. I just realized that all the training we’ve been doing isn’t really for her, it’s for me… she’s still makes me laugh every day… very willing to please and she still knows exactly which buttons to push!

I know… you think I’m nuts… even though she is stylin’!!! These goggles do serve a purpose… they protect her eyes from debris and from the UV rays! She knows she cannot put her head out the window unless she has her “Doggles” on… besides, when people notice her, they can’t help but smile! That’s a good thing!

These are the most recent photos… hope you enjoy them!

Bev 6/17/2008



Hi Mary,


Hope this email finds everything going good with you. Timber is doing great. He is growing like a weed and learning obedience with flying colors. He loves to learn and I love teaching him.

Here are a couple of pictures of Timber. I hope you enjoy them.

Mollie 6/10/2008


Hi Mary,

Sorry it’s taken so long to send an update on Gavin. He is doing very well and is absolutely gorgeous. We couldn’t ask for a better dog. He has adopted everyone at our horse boarding stable and treats them like family. Everyone wants to take him home with them, and they always want to know where I got him. He loves to steal the horse toys if he can get away with them, and he also loves to play Frisbee, in other words, he’ll play with anything that moves.

The pictures I sent are of him in his crate after a long day on the beach…12 weeks old, him playing in the snow… 5 months old, and relaxing under a tree after stealing one of the horse toys. This picture (shown at right) was taken just 2 weeks ago at 8 months of age.

We can’t thank you enough for Gavin. He is an absolute joy to be around. I’ll try and send more updates in the future if you’re interested. Thanks again.

Mark and Julie 5/28/2008



Hi from the Bunkers,

Took these pictures from Carma today. She still very much loooves to play and speed is her middle name. She loves to “help” with picking up branches from the fir trees and adding to our burn pile. We do not even want to mention water or her pool, because that is when everything gets wild and crazy around here (She is a little nutty when it comes to water). Training will start again the middle part of next month. She is doing great.

Best regards,

The Bunker’s 5/27/2008



Good Morning Mary,

I hope you are doing well. I have so much fun with Ivy, it is incredible. She sleeps all night and is very active during the day. She also has grown a little bit, I am so happy with her. On Friday, we are going to the Veterinarian, is she supposed to get all the vaccination, marked in the Health record? I feed her in the morning dry Food and in the evening she gets wet food. We are also attending a Puppy Class at Pup O Razzi, she loves to play with all the other puppies One of these days I will telephone you and ask for permission to visit you. Have a great day…




I wanted to update you on Miss Hannah. She is doing very well and is such a delight to our family. She is beyond spoiled, in a good way though. Hannah goes to work with me about two days a week. She is the official tasting room greeter at Archery Summit Winery in Dayton. The other days she stays at home with Brent who works from home. So you see life is ruff! Hannah also attended a birthday party with 10 children under the age of five years.She did great! Here are a few pictures of her and her brother from the H litter.


Chris 3/13/2008




We love Pan! He is a great addition to our family. I thought I would share a picture of him out in the snow. His ears are just starting to stand. πŸ™‚

Thanks you for blessing us with one of your own!

Bridget 1/19/2008




I wanted to give you an update on the puppy we purchased from you back in 2004. She was pink collar girl from your O litter (Panda and Sabek) but we call her Tip. She’s absolutely gorgeous and she’s become such an important member of our family. David, my husband, trained her and she soaked up her lessons like a sponge. She’s learned everything we’ve ever tried to teach her. David used hand gestures when he trained her so she follows our hand gestures for common commands like “down.” Unfortunately I don’t have access to any pictures to send you. You’ll just have to take my word that she’s a real beauty.

David and I now have a two month old baby girl named Sarah. Tip makes every step I make during the day while I care for Sarah and she gets very concerned when the baby cries. The hand gestures are particularly handy now when I need to give her a command while Sarah is napping.

She’s just an absolute treasure and I’m so happy we found you when we were looking for a German Shepherd.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Susan 1/8/2008



Thought I would send you a few pictures of Mayhem. He is turning out to be a beautiful and very large dog. He has adjusted very well and loves our other dog.

Brad 5/16/2008



Hi Mary,

Just wanted to let you know that Sampson is now happily living in Virginia. We made the cross country move from Boise to Fredericksburg last month and he was just perfect the entire 4 day journey over.

He weighs 89 pounds and is simply wonderful. We completed many hours of private obedience training prior to leaving Boise and continue to work on his skills every day. We take him everywhere with us – Megan’s soccer practices and games, Mitch’s Lacrosse practice and games, hiking in the woods, playing on the shore of the Potomac or Rappahannock Rivers… and he’s just the best.

Everywhere we take him people come up to us and say: that is the biggest most beautiful shepherd I’ve ever seen… which is typically followed by… and so well behaved. I can only vouch for the well behaved part – his beauty is all yours. Thank you Mary –


Jenn 5/16/2008



(Birthday) yesterday, and he did it up proud. Started off the morning with a egg and hot dog omelet crowning his usual portion of Flint River Ranch. Set off by the glistening stainless steel bowl, it was all very appetizing! By seven o’ clock we were on the trail for our usual morning hike. This we followed with a 26 mile round trip ride to town where he got to parade up and down the sidewalks of main street for a half and hour showing off (as only he can do it) how incredibly smart and handsome he is. For the occasion, I picked up a six and a half pound blade roast. After we got home, I turned him loose for his outdoor alone time. Being his birthday, I left the back door of the car open so if he felt like resting up a bit, he could do it in comfy on the back seat.


Later, after his nap we all went on a couple of more walks in the woods and then he got his afternoon ride. For dinner, I whacked up a couple of pounds of the blade roast and barely sauteed it (till almost warm) in butter with a hint of a sprinkle of garlic and this he had mixed in with his usual.

Here the baby is giving his red cong (his favorite) a workout…….. note both front paws off the ground.

Dennis 4/23/2008