Hi Mary,

I guess this email is long past due, but I wanted to send a picture of me and Murphy. More than anything, I want to thank you. This dog has changed my life for the better. He is the most affectionate, understanding companion imaginable. He is my silent guardian, keeping watch over me when I sleep. Literally, I’ve woken up to find him lying between me and the door, assuming his natural position as protector. When we’re at the park, people coo over what a spectacular animal he is, and they often ask if it was a difficult task training him. Well, even though I devoted much time to his upbringing, I think part of it is his natural disposition as a confident, good dog.

I cannot thank you enough,

Hank 5/9/2011



Hi Mary,

Just wanted to send a quick update on Achilles. I can’t tell you how amazed I am at how great he is. We went to the vet yesterday and got a clean bill of health. He weighed in at just over 17lbs and was quite the superstar with all the staff. My vet just adored him.

His first night was pretty rough and he cried A LOT, so I got very little sleep. I had to move his crate to where he could see me in the bed, and now he is just fine. He’s already learned Sit and Down, and is doing really good with potty training and has quite the healthy appetite!

Today I took him out for socializing. We went to both Petsmart and Petland where he charmed absolutely everyone. His personality is so laid back, calm, and confident and he showed no fear of anything! He is everything I wished my other GSD, Kaiya, could have been. Her first trip to Petsmart was a disaster and we had to leave after 10 min because she just couldn’t handle all the people, strange things, and dogs. You’d have thought Achilles was a regular! 😉

So again, thank you for such a wonderful pup! I truly could not be any happier with my choice!

Tina 3/30/2011




Abby is thriving here on the coast with us, and has filled the holes in our hearts and home. She is a wonderful addition to our family!

Timing is everything…

Debbie 3/25/2011


Hi Mary,

I’ve attached a pic of Bentley today… he’s doing GREAT. We have comments from strangers (literally) ALL THE TIME about how beautiful he is.

We met a woman from Germany yesterday who has lived in the U.S. for 45 years. As a child growing up, she was raised around German Shepherds… and has been amazed to see the type of GSD dogs that are common here (in her opinion). She said they are slimmer and have an angular hind-quarter, so we discussed the differences. She has never seen a more beautiful dog than Bentley. She loves his lines and his personality… and recognizes his breeding as excellent. It was great to hear her fuss over him.

And then we met a guy in Lowe’s yesterday who has a 2-year old black lab named Chloe. She’s in training for search and rescue. He and his wife want another dog, and they really want a GSD… so he may be calling you. Chloe and Bentley got along great (Bentley gets along with children, adults and dogs). Bentley at 6 months

Bentley is loving, gentle, PROTECTIVE and very smart. He is also a herding dog! A llama named “Buddy” lives next door, and Bentley has figured out a way to get into their pasture. He then herds “Buddy” and has a great time (until we catch up with him). Luckily, Buddy’s owners have children with dogs who also play with Buddy when they visit. We’re so glad they are not upset. We have only had to get Bentley out of their pasture twice (so far), and now we’re keeping him on a 30′ leash so we can ‘step on it’ and stop him if he tries to enter again. His DNA is amazing. He’s amazing and we love him. We cannot imagine life without him.




Hi Mary,

For an update on Mr. Brix… healthy and happy… get 24 hr a day attention… Brixie figures it is all simply his due.

What make this shot interesting is the expression in the eyes… must look a little.




Hi Mary,

Helga will be nine this March. I wanted to write and let you know how she is. She just had a checkup and there is nothing wrong with her. She has perfect health. Helga is the sweetest dog I’ve ever had the privilege to know. She still goes everyplace I go and sleeps with me every night. We have lots of friends and Helga is thrilled when they come to visit.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it possible for me to have Helga in my life.


Claire 2/28/2011


Hi Mary,

Lilly continues to amaze us! She’s completed Advanced Obedience training and if off-leash trained with hand signals and voice commands. In this picture she is practicing a perfect down command while hiking in the woods.

Lilly is a happy, confident and gentle companion who not only amazes us but everyone who meets her. Thanks again for the most spectacular dog!

Paul 2/21/2011



Hi Mary,

I thought I’d give you an update on Andre. He is doing very well here. He likes all the neighborhood people he’s met, with his favorite being an 8 year old girl down the block. He was the star of his first obedience class, and we’re signed up for the next round after the holidays. He continues to impress everyone he meets. I’ve been asked where I got him quite a few times. I’ve given your web site to my garbage man and even a Corvallis police officer out on patrol who saw him and stopped to ask about him. As you can see from the attached photos, he keeps my house filled with chew toys, but that’s a small price to pay for keeping him happy. My family affectionately refers to him as “the awesome little man”. He’s not so little anymore, but they insist the title should stay.

Morgan 12/2/2010



Hi Mary,

Here are some current pictures of Zeger at six months old (some with Garon/Obama). He is turning out just like you said, VERY red and with a beautiful long coat already. The way things are progressing, his hair will be quite a bit longer than Garon’s.

Zeger is fearless, intelligent, and full of personality. I thought it was going to be impossible to find another dog that could measure up to Garon, but you have provided us with another all-around perfect pet. Thank you!

Becky and Jess 11/24/2010



Hi Mary,

It’s hard to believe how time flies by. I wasn’t sure if I sent this to you already.

Nalu (Petra) is simply amazing. She loves her family very much and we are so blessed to have her. She brings so much happiness into all our lives.

Her name means “surf or waves” in Hawaiian and boy does she love the water. Any chance she can get, she’s in it!

Thank you for being the one to make this dream come true for our family. She is our one and only “brown-eyed” girl.


Freedom 10/14/2010




Relaxing at home! She is absolutely amazing! I have never seen such fabulous quality all the way around on such a young puppy.

Thank you for the opportunity to own such a wonderful representation of the German Shepherd breed.

Jennifer 10/02/2010



Hi Mary,

I just thought it was about time to give you an update on my gorgeous boy. We have been taking agility classes for sometime now and listed below is a link to a video of Timber’s first agility trial in Bend. It was exciting and nerve racking. He is sniffing a lot because we think that there was a bitch in heat or coming out. He wasn’t the only male sniffing.

Timber is still the most awesome German Shepherd. He loves everyone, but yet can be stand offish if it is someone he is unsure about. He loves other dogs. I haven’t had a problem yet with another dog. The biggest thing he loves is our swimming pool. He begs to go swimming when it is up. He will jump in without being coaxed or even if no one is in the pool. He loves running and jumping in like the dock dogs do. He is definitely toy crazy.

I will also send you an email with a still picture attached. Please let me know if you can not open the link.

Thanks – Mollie 9/28/2010



Hi Mary,

Oakley has turned into quite a handsome young man. Tessa has taught him to chase a ball, though he still defers to her and “wants to be a pet.”

He has a loving temperament, stable as a rock, but clearly wants to protect his territory and his people. Both of them continue to be wonderfully gentle with children (and infants).


Andy and Cheryl 9/22/2010



Hi Mary,

Thought you’d like to see how Annie is growing. She is the best dog. So smart.

She loves to ride in the car and go anywhere. She has a healthy appetite and loves to run around the vineyard. And she’s already turning into a great watchdog.

Needless to say, we love her.

David 9/17/2010




We have decided to keep the name Asko! None of us could agree on a name and he seemed to respond to Asko a bit, so we kept that name and that is going super well. Except when people ask what his name is they are like, what? A**H***? SoBe was not particularly fond of him and after only a week., snipped him on the nose… I hurried to the vet., everything was ok., but a small puncture wound. SoBe was so upset., he knew he had not done a good thing. Now they are doing great, playing and such.

SoBe tattles on him at night though, if Asko is misbehaving, SoBe wakes me up to tattle. Asko’s left ear is up and the right comes and goes but I know will be soon. Yesterday it was up then down again. After his next round of shots we are going to puppy classes but he already sits, still working on staying but doing very very well with that. He knows up. lso he knows what ‘no bite’ means. He is very good with people and other dogs. SoBe ended up being Rob’s dog (although he loves us all) but I think Asko will be mine. He follows me every where and does not let me out of sight although he is very independent. I guess that’s about it… will send pics as he grows which is very very rapidly… When I took him to the vet, he weighed 16 pounds, that was the first week, so curious to see how much he weighs on Thursday, his next appt.

Have a great day…

Carol 8/11/2010




Here are some recent photos Niko. Niko is a happy boy… and a gorgeous boy. People always stop us for a complement and I always tell him what a great disposition he has, and that he’s local, from you!

Mel 8/9/2010



Hi Mary,

For all who asked for new photos of Chef, here they are, for those who didn’t too bad, you still get to check out our boy. He has already found a new girlfriend, he thinks Miss Daisy the pit bull… is hot!

Kevin 8/8/2010



Hi Mary,

I thought I’d give you an update on Andre. He’s doing great here. He has met all the neighbors and is loving the house and yard. He’s been to the vet twice and they couldn’t stop commenting about his physical structure and outgoing personality. He treats every visitor with a slight caution and then welcomes them, with his tail wagging the entire time. The attached photos show him at 7, 8, and 10 weeks of age. His left ear is up, and his right is coming along.

Morgan 8/8/2010



Hi Mary,

Hi! I got a few photos from training this weekend I thought you may enjoy. I got your email expressing interest in coming to watch a training… As soon as we get more consistent (cancellations due to heat, call outs, etc.) I’ll let you know.

Thanks again for producing such fantastic dogs!

Gabby 8/8/2010



Hi Mary,

I figured I’d send some pictures out today while I had the time. The dogs are doing great together and are doing a good job of wearing each other out! Zeger is settling in nicely and having fun with his toys, although Garon is actually his favorite thing to play with. We’ll probably break out the baby pool tomorrow when it’s a bit warmer since he has already tried to “swim” in the large outside water bowl.

We have only had him one day, but it’s already obvious we got another highly confident pup from you. He wants to check everything out and hasn’t been bothered by anything he has seen or heard (in fact, the baby gate just came crashing down right next to him for unknown reasons, and it didn’t phase him a bit). He wasn’t even rattled by the coyotes howling on 2 sides of the house VERY nearby when we went out for an early morning potty break.

It also appears that we got another affectionate and amazingly well-mannered pup from you, so thank you for giving him a great start in life!

Becky and Jess 7/6/2010




Attached is a recent picture of Lilly. We think she looks a lot like her mother.

We have a second home in the mountains of North Georgia where we spend weekends and Lilly loves to hike the trails with us. She loves the opportunity to run through the woods enjoying the sights and smells. She continues to amaze us with her sweet temperament, intelligence and desire to be a true companion.

She is everything you promised and more!

Paul 6/28/2010




Greetings from Canby! Hard to believe that Sierra (Velda) is ONE YEAR OLD!!! (as of the 22nd) Seems like we just picked her up yesterday !!! lol

She is doing fantastic, and I couldn’t have asked for a better German Shepherd. Just last night she passed her level II training in our search and rescue group and will hopefully be certified as an air scent wilderness search dog by the end of 2011! Many of the k-9 search and rescue group admire her calm, intelligent demeanor and have asked for your info. I have been singing your kennel’s praises practically from the day we picked her up!

Here are some photos from this week (she was at work with me doing a trail riding day camp)… Nobody who meets her can believe she’s only a year old, and so calm and well behaved!

Gabby 6/26/2010




You were right, Mary, that Barak would make a good companion dog! He was born 06/30/04 and he has grown more attached to all of us every year!

Steve and Robynne 6/19/2010



Mrs. Mary,

I wanted to send you an update on how Sully is doing in Colorado. 🙂 I’m currently in the Regis University nursing program right now and part of the curriculum is to volunteer at a local assisted living community. One of the opportunities that was available to me was a pet therapy session and I thought that would be an amazing experience for me, Sully, and the residents. I was a little apprehensive of how he would react to the new smells and sounds but he AMAZED everyone at how well behaved and uplifting he was to the residents! It was truly a moment of “motherly” pride for me.

He allowed all of the residents to pet him (and gave them kisses) and even remained calm when a resident screamed with joy and stuck her face and hands directly in his face. Sully visiting was obviously the highlight of the day for some of these residents and it was so rewarding for me to share my wonderful companion with people who enjoy seeing him.

(A random little side note) The couple from WA you tried to contact for me about finding a local vet in Colorado, live in the same apartment complex as me. I was driving home one day and the couple saw my OR driving plates and Sully’s head out the car window and stopped to ask me if had purchased my GSD from you. I guess it’s a small world we live in!!

I hope all is well with you and your dogs!! Will you ever be in Colorado for a show? Thanks again for trying to help me find a new vet (after a few trails I finally found one I liked).

Alissa & Sully/Unox 6/11/2010



Mrs. Mary,

Sylvie (the name definitely stuck) is truly an amazing dog that seems more like just another member of our family. Everyone that sees her has something to say about her! She is always so well behaved and so smart. She seems to understand everything we say and has so many human characteristics. She loves to go run and is patient on waiting on me-ha ha. I don’t know what we would do without her. Sylvie loves to be loved. When she is being brushed she wants u to kiss or hug her too; if you don’t she will lean against you until you do! She is such a girl in that she loves to be brushed. Everyday after my parents are home from work I brush her, give her her vitamins and sit outside while she eats. She is spoiled rotten and is a lap dog!! If you are sitting outside she will come and plop down in your lap. Its so funny because she has grown to be so big, but I always laugh and pull her closer to me. She loves the pool-well let me re-phrase that-she loves the steps on the pool but will not go any further. She lays on the steps in our Louisiana weather! She is so loved and thought you would like these pictures of her (trying to catch water from the water gun and one from the 1st day we got her).

Thanks so much for my best friend-Love,

Summer 6/3/2010



Hi Mary,

It has been a very long time, but I just wanted to tell you that Brooke or “Nessie” is doing absolutely wonderfully. She is the best dog I could ever ask for. I recently moved to Alaska and she is loving life. She can’t get enough of the snow or swimming in the lakes. She is also a very beautiful dog, everywhere I take her I always get stopped and people always give her compliments. She is a very proud and protective girl. Thank you so much for her! I just wanted to give you an update on how well she’s doing. Take care!

Ashley 5/30/2010




“YURI” arrived last night in great spirits. We were able to pick him up at around 5 pm, he was playing at home 30 minutes later. He looks great, his temperament and personality are magnetic, THANK YOU!

Danny and Hanne 5/29/2010



Hi there,

Sorry for the delay, I had to leave my computer at the Apple store overnight for a data transfer, lost without it!! Greg does know her, quite well in fact. He says she is great. So, we LOVE this dog. He is amazing, so sweet, almost to a point of concern, until he wakes up from a nap ready to go. He is just so easy, I don’t even have to worry about him getting into mischief, he is always close by. How is Orange, by the way?

He went to his first Lacrosse game today. I had my bag packed with water, toys and chewie things, and all he did was lay between Natalie and I and accept water once or twice. He actually watched the game for a bit, seemed intrigued, then slept through the rest of it. He has had only one accident, and that was ‘operator error’ — both girls thought the other was monitoring nap time (a little pee never hurt anyone.)

He is so smart, he actually seems potty trained for the most part Before we went to the game, we stopped at the garden store where he was a huge hit. One lady came up and asked for your information, I gave her your website, so you may hear from her. She wanted us to show the dog to her son (age 17), so I told her we were headed to a game at the high school, and next thing you know, this cute kid comes up with his friends and starts introducing himself to us. I knew Hudson was cute, but didn’t expect quite so much attention.

I am already bragging about what a wonderful breeder you are, based on handsome Hudson’s amazing temperament.

Thank you for such a wonderful companion!

Donna 5/16/2010



Hi Mary,

Our sweet Karen (Wanda from Nala) will be completing her AKC STAR puppy test today. She is so easy to train – really wants to please all of the time. We have her completely off-leash trained. I’m just amazed every day by her – love love love her! I’ll do my best to get some pictures during the testing event and will send to you.

Sampson (Xorro from Deja/Jando) will be taking his AKC Canine good citizen test in 2 months. He’s ready to test now but part of the program is to complete the training program by a certified instructor, which is fine.

Anyhow – I sure hope all is well with you and again, thank you so much for Karen. She completes us!


Jenn 5/4/2010


Hi Mary,

Mary, I just wanted to send a couple of pix and let you know how wrangler (our Drago) is doing. I know you hear this all the time, but he really is the best dog. He is very friendly with everyone, unless he thinks he is protecting his area..kind of nice I can run out of my car and leave my purse just sitting there and I know for sure it will be there when I get back. Every where we go people comment on how gorgeous he is, funny I get the most comments about his ears! Even our trainer commented on how striking he is and as she says “I never say that about a dog!” He is very focused, as you can see in the pix, he LOVES his stick and the water. I think he would play fetch or swim until he dropped if I let him! I can’t wait to take him camping this summer!

Thank you for wrangler, he is my heart.
Shelley 5/2/2010



Hi Mary,

Tessa (Sally v W) and I celebrated our birthdays yesterday. As you know, she was 1 year old; (I was a bit older). She continues to give unlimited pleasure, with an incredible disposition and desire to please, not to mention her beauty.

70-1/2 lbs–perfect weight, though I guess she will gain a bit over the next 6-12 months.

Haven’t seen her Mom (Tally) on your website. Is she OK?

Andy (the other April 7th honoree), and Cheryl 4/7/2010




Not the best picture since taken on a cell phone but a cute one anyway.

Lilly is the most loyal companion and friend; she is now 62 lbs and so beautiful.

Everywhere we go people comment on her gentle disposition and good looks. Many places of business now invite her in because she is so well behaved.

Best of all, she loves her family and we love her.

Paul 3/22/2010



Hello Mary,

Mylo had his health exam this evening. The Dr. said everything was exceptional. That was no surprise to us. He spent more time talking about how beautiful and smart Mylo is than his health but it was very clear… The Dr. was impressed and we are very fortunate! We also had an experience somewhat like the one you described at your vet. As soon as we walked in the door another big dog went bananas. I felt sorry for the poor girl who was wrestling his leash (almost in tears). Mylo started walking toward him but Josh just gave him a quick little “pop” and said “sit Mylo”. Mylo sat down and watched this dog. The other dog was straining like crazy against his leash and getting with a couple feet. Mylo just remained calm for several seconds until we led him over to sit down. He laid down next to our feet and seemed uninterested. The whole time we were in the waiting room this other dog is going crazy and Mylo looks like he’s ready to take a nap.

Mylo went to work with me all day today (I plan on taking him with me every day so he seldom ever just sits in his crate all alone here at the house). He just sat on his mat or on the floor all day watching me work. It was a nice break to take him for a walk outside every couple hours (still not even one potty accident). He came over to me about every 20-30 minutes for some petting and a little play time and it was a great experience. I never thought I would say that about taking a puppy to work with me.

I was wondering when (if ever) we should increase Mylo’s food portions? Also, do you need a copy of Mylo’s health certificate for you records? His next round of vaccinations are scheduled for next Monday evening by the way.

Highest regards,
Paul 3/3/2010




I wanted to give you an update about Abby. She is doing wonderful. We are taking her for personal training. She is walking soooo much better on a leash now. She is eating well, and using her doggie door.

Traveling in the car, tho… not so much. We bought her a crate, and we are taking small rides.

I have attached some pictures for you. She has filled the hole in our home and hearts.

Hugs from Abby,
Debbie 2/19/2010