Hi Mary,

I just thought it was about time to give you an update on my gorgeous boy. We have been taking agility classes for sometime now and listed below is a link to a video of Timber’s first agility trial in Bend. It was exciting and nerve racking. He is sniffing a lot because we think that there was a bitch in heat or coming out. He wasn’t the only male sniffing.

Timber is still the most awesome German Shepherd. He loves everyone, but yet can be stand offish if it is someone he is unsure about. He loves other dogs. I haven’t had a problem yet with another dog. The biggest thing he loves is our swimming pool. He begs to go swimming when it is up. He will jump in without being coaxed or even if no one is in the pool. He loves running and jumping in like the dock dogs do. He is definitely toy crazy.

I will also send you an email with a still picture attached. Please let me know if you can not open the link.

Thanks – Mollie 9/28/2010