We have decided to keep the name Asko! None of us could agree on a name and he seemed to respond to Asko a bit, so we kept that name and that is going super well. Except when people ask what his name is they are like, what? A**H***? SoBe was not particularly fond of him and after only a week., snipped him on the nose… I hurried to the vet., everything was ok., but a small puncture wound. SoBe was so upset., he knew he had not done a good thing. Now they are doing great, playing and such.

SoBe tattles on him at night though, if Asko is misbehaving, SoBe wakes me up to tattle. Asko’s left ear is up and the right comes and goes but I know will be soon. Yesterday it was up then down again. After his next round of shots we are going to puppy classes but he already sits, still working on staying but doing very very well with that. He knows up. lso he knows what ‘no bite’ means. He is very good with people and other dogs. SoBe ended up being Rob’s dog (although he loves us all) but I think Asko will be mine. He follows me every where and does not let me out of sight although he is very independent. I guess that’s about it… will send pics as he grows which is very very rapidly… When I took him to the vet, he weighed 16 pounds, that was the first week, so curious to see how much he weighs on Thursday, his next appt.

Have a great day…

Carol 8/11/2010