Hi Mary,

I figured I’d send some pictures out today while I had the time. The dogs are doing great together and are doing a good job of wearing each other out! Zeger is settling in nicely and having fun with his toys, although Garon is actually his favorite thing to play with. We’ll probably break out the baby pool tomorrow when it’s a bit warmer since he has already tried to “swim” in the large outside water bowl.

We have only had him one day, but it’s already obvious we got another highly confident pup from you. He wants to check everything out and hasn’t been bothered by anything he has seen or heard (in fact, the baby gate just came crashing down right next to him for unknown reasons, and it didn’t phase him a bit). He wasn’t even rattled by the coyotes howling on 2 sides of the house VERY nearby when we went out for an early morning potty break.

It also appears that we got another affectionate and amazingly well-mannered pup from you, so thank you for giving him a great start in life!

Becky and Jess 7/6/2010