Mrs. Mary,

I wanted to send you an update on how Sully is doing in Colorado. 🙂 I’m currently in the Regis University nursing program right now and part of the curriculum is to volunteer at a local assisted living community. One of the opportunities that was available to me was a pet therapy session and I thought that would be an amazing experience for me, Sully, and the residents. I was a little apprehensive of how he would react to the new smells and sounds but he AMAZED everyone at how well behaved and uplifting he was to the residents! It was truly a moment of “motherly” pride for me.

He allowed all of the residents to pet him (and gave them kisses) and even remained calm when a resident screamed with joy and stuck her face and hands directly in his face. Sully visiting was obviously the highlight of the day for some of these residents and it was so rewarding for me to share my wonderful companion with people who enjoy seeing him.

(A random little side note) The couple from WA you tried to contact for me about finding a local vet in Colorado, live in the same apartment complex as me. I was driving home one day and the couple saw my OR driving plates and Sully’s head out the car window and stopped to ask me if had purchased my GSD from you. I guess it’s a small world we live in!!

I hope all is well with you and your dogs!! Will you ever be in Colorado for a show? Thanks again for trying to help me find a new vet (after a few trails I finally found one I liked).

Alissa & Sully/Unox 6/11/2010