Mrs. Mary,

Sylvie (the name definitely stuck) is truly an amazing dog that seems more like just another member of our family. Everyone that sees her has something to say about her! She is always so well behaved and so smart. She seems to understand everything we say and has so many human characteristics. She loves to go run and is patient on waiting on me-ha ha. I don’t know what we would do without her. Sylvie loves to be loved. When she is being brushed she wants u to kiss or hug her too; if you don’t she will lean against you until you do! She is such a girl in that she loves to be brushed. Everyday after my parents are home from work I brush her, give her her vitamins and sit outside while she eats. She is spoiled rotten and is a lap dog!! If you are sitting outside she will come and plop down in your lap. Its so funny because she has grown to be so big, but I always laugh and pull her closer to me. She loves the pool-well let me re-phrase that-she loves the steps on the pool but will not go any further. She lays on the steps in our Louisiana weather! She is so loved and thought you would like these pictures of her (trying to catch water from the water gun and one from the 1st day we got her).

Thanks so much for my best friend-Love,

Summer 6/3/2010