Hi there,

Sorry for the delay, I had to leave my computer at the Apple store overnight for a data transfer, lost without it!! Greg does know her, quite well in fact. He says she is great. So, we LOVE this dog. He is amazing, so sweet, almost to a point of concern, until he wakes up from a nap ready to go. He is just so easy, I don’t even have to worry about him getting into mischief, he is always close by. How is Orange, by the way?

He went to his first Lacrosse game today. I had my bag packed with water, toys and chewie things, and all he did was lay between Natalie and I and accept water once or twice. He actually watched the game for a bit, seemed intrigued, then slept through the rest of it. He has had only one accident, and that was ‘operator error’ — both girls thought the other was monitoring nap time (a little pee never hurt anyone.)

He is so smart, he actually seems potty trained for the most part Before we went to the game, we stopped at the garden store where he was a huge hit. One lady came up and asked for your information, I gave her your website, so you may hear from her. She wanted us to show the dog to her son (age 17), so I told her we were headed to a game at the high school, and next thing you know, this cute kid comes up with his friends and starts introducing himself to us. I knew Hudson was cute, but didn’t expect quite so much attention.

I am already bragging about what a wonderful breeder you are, based on handsome Hudson’s amazing temperament.

Thank you for such a wonderful companion!

Donna 5/16/2010