Hi Mary,

Mary, I just wanted to send a couple of pix and let you know how wrangler (our Drago) is doing. I know you hear this all the time, but he really is the best dog. He is very friendly with everyone, unless he thinks he is protecting his area..kind of nice I can run out of my car and leave my purse just sitting there and I know for sure it will be there when I get back. Every where we go people comment on how gorgeous he is, funny I get the most comments about his ears! Even our trainer commented on how striking he is and as she says “I never say that about a dog!” He is very focused, as you can see in the pix, he LOVES his stick and the water. I think he would play fetch or swim until he dropped if I let him! I can’t wait to take him camping this summer!

Thank you for wrangler, he is my heart.
Shelley 5/2/2010