Hi Mary,

Sorry I haven’t been better about staying in touch. After we saw you in August life got crazy.

As you can see from the photos Gunny is not my little boy any more. He loves to play fetch with anyone who will throw the ball. He is good with the neighborhood, children they can throw the ball or race back with him. Gunny never knocks them over, jumps on them, or nips at their feet, things he try’s to do with me. I wish I was better at zip drives there are more pictures I would like you to see.

Gunny’s coat is this gorgeous thick black not deep red on legs but not tan out either. He is getting the beautiful GSD mane around his neck and face that we all love. He was 9 months in the picture weighs 71lbs and is approx 25″ at shoulders. Everywhere we go people comment on his looks, manners and then want to know where we got him. He has quite a following at the dog park, local pet food store, and the dog wash and go.

Thank you hundred times over for being the quality breeder and picking the correct dog for David and I. I will look forward to hearing from you.


Shawn 1/22/2010