Hi Mary,

We hope you and your family are well. It’s been a while since we’ve chatted. We have been so busy. Kado is doing great! He loves his holistic food, and his coat looks beautiful! He goes almost everywhere with us, and he just loves it. He just took pix with his vet. He posed very nicely as she put her arm around him. He’s such a handsome guy and will pose on the spot for a picture. His handsome looks may be going to his head, lol. The compliments on him just keep pouring in. He reminds me a lot of his father Nemo. You are a great breeder, and can’t thank you enough for Kado. We would like you to add us to your testimonial page on your site. We attached Kado’s picture. Hope you like it. I will be sure to send more later.

Ed and Sheri 1/22/2010

P.S. Are there any good tracking, herding, schutzhund classes in the area for Kado? Let me know. Thanks a lot.