How are you? It’d been a long time I didn’t send any pictures of my dog “Zamb” to you. Zamb doesn’t has any title but his elbow and hip are “a normal” and he had been train obinien, track by myself. He is very drive and good movement. My friends took him worked as snow patrol last winter. We have a lot of fun with him. These are some pictures of Zamb Von der Waldhimmel,3 yrs ( Dec 2 ). Sometime I want to take him to show but it was so far ( out of state ) and some club need the title. Anyway I don’t care title because he is not stud dog. I do train him almost like as SchHhund except bite work because I don’t have helper.

Hope you are doing well. I am follow your webpage all the time. You do the great job. May be I will get a working line from your someday.

Merry Christmas,
Fathai 12/11/2009