We just wanted to give an update on Lugar (Teddy) puppy from the Nemo/Anouk litter. We LOVE our “puppy boy” so much. We have been so happy with his temperament and personality. He is the perfect family dog, he is not overly dominate or submissive, a perfect middle ground. He gets along well with all other dogs small and large. We are constantly impressed with how smart he is, he can learn a new trick after just a few tries. Lugar loves car rides, playing fetch with large sticks, and chasing his tail.

Again, thank you so much we were so happy with how professional you are and how easy you made the process. We did a TON of research before choosing a breeder, and were so happy with you, and our wonderful puppy is proof that you did a fantastic job. We look at your website frequently, looks like Lugar’s sister “Tori” was added to your breeding stock, how exciting! We keep talking about getting another, and trying a long haired shepherd.

Thanks again,

Brandi and Tom 11/24/2009