Hi Mary,

Well, our Garon (your Obama) is one year old today. He has turned out to have a beautiful coat/markings, and I wanted to share some pictures with you. He is just the best all-around dog… highly intelligent, playful, full of personality, protective yet social, affectionate, and he loves to travel. We get comments everywhere we go on what a good-looking dog he is. We take him pretty much everywhere with us, weather permitting. We took him to Yellowstone this past spring, and it was as though HE was a main attraction. Every time we stopped to sit down, we had a constant stream of people coming up to him.

I would like to get another long-coat “baby brother” for Garon, but Jess is balking at the idea. I’ll keep working on him, though!

Thanks again for an outstanding dog!

Becky and Jess 8/30/2009