Hi Mary,

I have on quick question and thought I would give you an update on Urkel. We love our lil Pup Pup (that nickname has stuck and he’s far from little). We moved just over a year ago to Molalla on 2.5 acres and he loves it! He loves to be outside, he will just wander and explore or lay in the shade under the big tree all summer long. He loves to go for a rides, camping and loves to swim! He’s is such a great addition to our family. He is very protective of his yard and his family. He is even protective of animals that are in a movie or on TV. He loves to watch the Dog Whisperer. Our yellow Lab Abby gets along with him great and have become good friends. We watch your web site and often talk about one day getting a second Von Waldhimmel, we love the pictures of the puppies. Thank you for a great dog, we get compliments on him often on what a gorgeous dog he is!

My question is about my Lab Abby and her diet. Urkel is on National Dog food from a local distributor. Abby has always been on other “diet” dog food, she is 6 years old and a little over weight. We ran out of her food and was feeding her some of Urkel’s national food. We noticed a difference in Abby’s energy and want to play more. We figured out it was the better food she was eating. So we are looking for a better food for her. I contacted our local distributor about getting the adult maintenance national food and he doesn’t carry it. So my question to you is do you order from National Dog food and is that something we can purchase from you? And if not what food do you recommend for older dogs.

Thank you for your help and the wonderful dog! I’ve attached a couple pictures from Christmas of Urkel, Abby and Katrina.

Chris and Kristie 4/29/2009