I noticed that you’re repeating the Okos and Nala breeding. We’ve been so happy with our pup Gunnar (from the first breeding of this pair) that I wanted to send you an update.

Gunnar is fabulous. From the first day we brought him home he’s been fearless, inquisitive, loving and intelligent. He fits into our life perfectly – whether we’re traveling in our motor home, riding our mountain bikes, driving around town running errands, going for walks, or just hanging around our home. He and our yellow lab are the best of friends but there’s no doubt that he’s my dog. He excelled in our obedience classes even though our practice sessions were often short and sometimes nonexistent. We just found a trainer for herding and plan to start our lessons in the next couple of weeks.

Gunnar is everything I hoped for in a dog. The next German Shepherd Dog we buy will definitely be out of your breeding program. I’m attaching a couple of pictures of Gunnar at 12 months.

Cherish the journey – Jan 2/8/2009