Hi Mary,

It was so nice to meet Jessie at Pup-A-Razzi. She’s such a nice young lady. I’m sure she’s told you all about Niko (or as we fondly call him “The Nikonator”…or even “Licko-nator” he’ll lick you to death). 🙂 He’s doing very well. He’s matured so much but still has lots of puppy in him….and bounds and bounds of energy too. Such a sweetie. We’re keeping up the agility classes (which is where I see Jessie on Sundays); and now that we’re back in town, we can go more regularly as well. He really enjoys it.

Our trip to CA went very well. He loves spending time down on my dad’s property since it is a pretty flat 5 acre playground for him. And there are dogs on two sides of the property with whom he loves to run up and down the fenceline. Life is tough for him down there – chase balls, run with dogs, lay in the sun, play with my folks and us.

Rough rough rough. :0

Mel 12/10/2008