Dear Mary,

Dear Mary, All is well on the home front for Kyrie (Vendetta) and her two cats. She has taken responsibility as referee and intervenes anytime the cats start to wrestle. When looking for a puppy, I told you that the cats owned the house and a new addition to the family must be cat friendly – that is exactly what Kyrie is! She is by our side always. Kyrie goes with my husband to work, guards our house quite well (the UPS man can never sneak up on us), and won’t let me out of her sight when we’re walking in the woods. Even when we hike with other dogs who go adventuring off the trail, Kyrie clearly knows her responsibility is to watch over us.


She is also the most well trained dog I know. When it is bed time, she goes right into her crate without being told and stays until we are obviously awake the next morning. Although she is wary of anyone who knocks on our door, she is well behaved with everyone, including children, who enter our home. Her two favorite games are chasing launched tennis balls and airsoft BB’s around the backyard. She is also very communicative. If we’re watching a movie and it is time to go out, she will tap my foot with hers and wait for me to respond to her needs. I was shocked when this first happened – Kyrie is a very clear communicator.

Thank you for doing a terrific job with your breeding choices. I have met people who bred GSDs in the past and they are always impressed with her beauty, temperament, and shape. The German lines are visibly different from American GSD and people notice how uniquely beautiful Kyrie is. Although she is only two and everything we could ever want in a dog, I hope you will still be in the beautiful dog business when we are looking for a new GSD.

Kindra 7/13/2008