Hi everyone!

Haven’t sent any updates of the puppy recently, hard to believe she’ll be 19 months old on the 24th! She absolutely loves the snow… Guinness is probably the smartest dog I’ve ever had, and that’s smart. I just realized that all the training we’ve been doing isn’t really for her, it’s for me… she’s still makes me laugh every day… very willing to please and she still knows exactly which buttons to push!

I know… you think I’m nuts… even though she is stylin’!!! These goggles do serve a purpose… they protect her eyes from debris and from the UV rays! She knows she cannot put her head out the window unless she has her “Doggles” on… besides, when people notice her, they can’t help but smile! That’s a good thing!

These are the most recent photos… hope you enjoy them!

Bev 6/17/2008