Hi Mary,

Sorry it’s taken so long to send an update on Gavin. He is doing very well and is absolutely gorgeous. We couldn’t ask for a better dog. He has adopted everyone at our horse boarding stable and treats them like family. Everyone wants to take him home with them, and they always want to know where I got him. He loves to steal the horse toys if he can get away with them, and he also loves to play Frisbee, in other words, he’ll play with anything that moves.

The pictures I sent are of him in his crate after a long day on the beach…12 weeks old, him playing in the snow… 5 months old, and relaxing under a tree after stealing one of the horse toys. This picture (shown at right) was taken just 2 weeks ago at 8 months of age.

We can’t thank you enough for Gavin. He is an absolute joy to be around. I’ll try and send more updates in the future if you’re interested. Thanks again.

Mark and Julie 5/28/2008