Hi Mary,

Just wanted to let you know that Sampson is now happily living in Virginia. We made the cross country move from Boise to Fredericksburg last month and he was just perfect the entire 4 day journey over.

He weighs 89 pounds and is simply wonderful. We completed many hours of private obedience training prior to leaving Boise and continue to work on his skills every day. We take him everywhere with us – Megan’s soccer practices and games, Mitch’s Lacrosse practice and games, hiking in the woods, playing on the shore of the Potomac or Rappahannock Rivers… and he’s just the best.

Everywhere we take him people come up to us and say: that is the biggest most beautiful shepherd I’ve ever seen… which is typically followed by… and so well behaved. I can only vouch for the well behaved part – his beauty is all yours. Thank you Mary –


Jenn 5/16/2008