(Birthday) yesterday, and he did it up proud. Started off the morning with a egg and hot dog omelet crowning his usual portion of Flint River Ranch. Set off by the glistening stainless steel bowl, it was all very appetizing! By seven o’ clock we were on the trail for our usual morning hike. This we followed with a 26 mile round trip ride to town where he got to parade up and down the sidewalks of main street for a half and hour showing off (as only he can do it) how incredibly smart and handsome he is. For the occasion, I picked up a six and a half pound blade roast. After we got home, I turned him loose for his outdoor alone time. Being his birthday, I left the back door of the car open so if he felt like resting up a bit, he could do it in comfy on the back seat.


Later, after his nap we all went on a couple of more walks in the woods and then he got his afternoon ride. For dinner, I whacked up a couple of pounds of the blade roast and barely sauteed it (till almost warm) in butter with a hint of a sprinkle of garlic and this he had mixed in with his usual.

Here the baby is giving his red cong (his favorite) a workout…….. note both front paws off the ground.

Dennis 4/23/2008