Our Shepherd just turned 1 this month. This is our second Shepherd. In a word she is perfect.

Last night I took her to my daughter’s soccer game. For an hour she was mauled by a group of children from the ages of 2 to 12. She let them pet her, play “shake” and generally do all the wrong things children do interacting with a dog and she loved every minute of it! She is very smart and does have a strong will, but with a firm and loving hand is quick to obey. From a health perspective she is too young to know about genetic issues. That said, I had to put an 8 year old Shepherd (from a different breeder) to sleep last year for health reasons so we where very careful in selecting a breeder. In short, we are thrilled with Penny. Also, I have attached a picture of Penny with my daughter from last fall. I think her smile says it all! Regards,

Kent M. 9/21/02