I really don’t think you can wrong dealing with Mary. We found here on the internet with her site and after MUCH research traveled down from the Seattle area to pick up our puppy. Ours is named Jia Li and can be seen in various locations on her web site (on the home page with the children, on the photos page sitting in the car, the head shot on the lawn, swimming, on the boat with my wife, and the close-up on the carpet.. along with several puppy shots). Jia Li just turned one year on Sept 9th.

My wife and I already had a dog when we began discussing and researching German Shepherds – a dog we both always wanted. We are very active, and our dogs go everywhere with us. Jia Li LOVES people and seems to understand children and their size with minimal interaction from us. She is gentle, loving, and very calm (one of our nephews refers to her as “The kissing machine”). She has never had any problems with other people, other dogs or cats. She understands that our older dog can’t run and play, we have two cats that she loves to play with, and our neighbors also have dogs and horses. She is VERY outgoing, and willing to try anything new – she loves camping, walking, playing ball, driving in cars, boating (loves the water), or just snuggling. She is also very protective of our family, friends and property. She will never hesitate to let people know that she’s there with a deep bark.

We got here at about 8 and a half weeks old and was checked out by both Mary’s vet and our own, both with a clean bill of health. Training her was a breeze, and she finished and 8 week course of basic obedience with a score of (I think) 96 out of 100!

Our pup was from the Nora litter, but I suspect all of Mary’s dogs are similar. Mary was wonderful to work with and to this day we maintain contact with her. She is genuinely interested in the well being of her dogs, and truly loves to hear back from the new owners. If you are serious about Shepherds I would research every aspect of them, talk to people, other breeders, etc. We spoke to many breeders from around the country, but Mary was the most knowledgeable by far. If you are not familiar with Shepherds you will learn that they are possibly the most versatile, loyal animals you can own. And we honestly believe it takes people like Mary to make them available for the dog lovers out there!

Good Luck and have fun!