This little guy is such a joy! He is by far the smartest, cutest and best of the litter if you ask us. We think he is exceptionally intelligent and the way he has us wrapped around his little finger proves that. He is already “half” potty trained and today he actually went to the door and barked to go out (at least to us it looked like he did).

He went to the dentist with Bob yesterday in his big wicker basket because Bob tried to call and cancel the appointment because he had a new puppy but the dentist told him to just bring him along and the receptionist would “doggy sit”. The kids in the waiting room wore him out with attention.

Thank you for following up and we will be happy to give you updates since we are so proud of our new addition. He is napping now but will undoubtedly be up soon and I will tell him “hello” from you.

Take Care – Bob and Mary 7/18/2000