Hi Mary,


Sorry it has taken so long to send a picture of Embargo (E’ma). My daughters have taken most of the pictures of E’ma to school – for display in their lockers. I will send additional pictures of E’ma before she is (1) year old. The picture enclosed is around the Christmas Holidays with E’ma and my daughter…this is the daughter whose birthday was around the time we were planning Ema’s flights from Oregon to Cincinnati, this past August. Since Ema’s arrival to our family, there has been no questions as to who E’ma belongs to! These two are definitely bonded, the are inseparable. As you can tell by E’mas’ photo she is a gorgeous GSD! She is extremely healthy, intelligent, with an excessive amount of drive and energy. Her pigmentation is beautiful! A few of E’mas’ favorite things to do are long walks in the woods, where she chases anything that moves! Our barn cats will attest to this, E’ma cuts her no slack. I’ll send additional photos soon…… take care. Sincerely,

Larry 3/30/2001