Hi Mary,

I’m sending some photos of Solo. He is such a gorgeous dog, people tell me all the time how beautiful he is, and the assistants at the vet’s always want to be in our room. I don’t have words to say what a wonderful dog he is. He is so gentle, so smart, so full of fun. I feel lucky every day to have him in my life. He always sleeps at my bedroom door. One day I had to have a horse put down, and was of course upset. That night for the very first time he slept right next to my side of the bed. He knew. He is so personable I never have to worry when people want to put their hands in the car to pet him, he is such a love.

Mary, I can’t thank you enough for raising such wonderful dogs that bring such joy into so many lives.

A very thankful companion of Solo’s,
Niki. I don’t own him, he owns me, heart and soul.