Hi Mary,

Holiday greetings from Liza (Eliza) and Danielle! It’s hard to believe that she will be two in just a few months. She is doing wonderfully, so intelligent that she often intuitively picks up on what I need her to do without any training. Her public access manners are outstanding, although it took a little while for her to understand that not everyone who passed by in the store was there to give her loves. She simply adores people! And she is so sound aware that I know what is going on around me all the time just by watching her. Liza is getting a new vest for Christmas, this time with the words Service Dog instead of In Training! I’m so proud of her, she is my working dog, my friend and my protector. And, according to so many people who meet her, she is the most gorgeous dog they’ve ever seen. I’ll attach a couple of pics from our first “portrait” session at River Dogs, Liza was fascinated by all the sounds they were making to get her attention.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday, with special thanks for my wonderful Liza!

Danielle and Liza 12/23/2012