Hi Mary,

It seems like ages since I gave you an update on Andre. He’s as strong as an ox, and at least twice as good looking. My house might as well be Fort Knox when he’s guarding it, but he has a soft side too. I was taking him outside the other day when a woman was walking by with three off-leash Chihuahuas. After a brief “oh no” moment in my mind, he greeted them warmly. He really likes other dogs. Any person on the front porch though, and he notifies me immediately (and verbosely). A couple shots attached. That’s him with his play buddy Jenni, who is his best friend. The other shots are him giving his “may i have that treat?” look, and laying in the surf, which he does with any body of water, no matter how small. As tough as he is, he’s a big baby.

Morgan 11/30/2012