Hi Mary,

It’s been a while since I updated you on Liza (Eliza), but she’s doing so wonderfully, working on more sound alerts and public access manners. I can take her anywhere and be confident that she will adapt calmly to the environment. She’s extremely curious and her senses are always tracking. Just watching her body and ear movements helps me know what’s going on around me that I can’t hear. She is such a happy, loving girl. Everywhere we go people comment on how beautiful, gentle and sweet she is. You can see it in her eyes in the attached photo, where she was cocking one ear to listen to me this morning. Due to my limited mobility at this time, I found a wonderful family several months ago who live in back of a big park here in Bellevue. The mom and her three young children take Liza three times a week for two hours and go to the park to run/walk/play ball and generally have a great time and lots of fun and exercise for them all. The six-year-old girl can now run Liza around the soccer fields on her own (with mom right behind). Liza doesn’t pull or get distracted, she matches her pace right to little Siri’s. People actually stop and take photos of them, they’re quite an amazing sight together! Liza just loves her “play family” and they were just what she needed, she has calmed down a lot and is focusing more closely now on her work with me.

Today Liza is 16 months old! It seems like yesterday that you brought her here last summer at three months old. She may be bigger, but she still has those same happy puppy eyes… (although a little drippy in the pic, she just dipped her face in her pool during ball play )

Thank you once again for such an amazing dog!

Danielle 7/28/2012