Dearest Mary,

Niko is a dream! Yes, we had biting issues but that was just his way of communicating. We all are learning so much. Right now, he is under my desk as I write this. He is my constant shadow and gets very upset if I am not in his eyesight. He sleeps on my pillow (or tries to) and I think he is realizing he is getting too big to fit all of him on it. 🙂 We have about 40 acres up in the woods that our neighbor lets us roam on. Niko stays with me up the hill and once on open field, he runs, but always comes right back (at a dead run) to check on me. On a side note, we met Shelley (mother of Drago – your Wrangler). She kicked off her shoes in her office and got down on the floor to hug him. I love GSD’s and their parents! I know everyone else finishes their letters with: “Thank you for picking out a wonderful addition to our family.”, but it is very true.

Warmest regards,
Kris and Bob 7/26/2012