We’ve had the BEST time the last few weeks with Hal (we call him Duke). We love him so much and can’t imagine how we lived so long without him! His temperament is wonderful and he is the absolute sweetest guy in the world! Duke is very at ease and isn’t easily bothered by strange people or noises. Duke has taken really well to his crate for bedtime and sleeps through the night. He’s about 85% potty trained and really doing very well with that. He knows sit, down and shake. Duke is excellent at playing fetch. After he fetches the ball, he brings it back to us and hops right in our laps. I’ve attached a couple pictures. One is of our little Duke and my parent’s German Shepherd, Buddy. They have become BFF’s and really enjoy one another’s company! Duke is the greatest little guy in the world and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks for our great dog, he’s a perfect addition to our family!


Jill and Brandon 6/18/2012