Hi Mary,

Viva is wonderful!! She’s very cute, and, beautiful. She went to the vet yesterday and got her second vaccines…also, she was micro-chipped, and, began her heart worm prophylaxis. She was very tired last night, and, I don’t think she felt too well after the vet’s visit. But, this morning she was very perky again.

She’s doing very well with house breaking. Only one mistake so far, and, then, it was my fault. I knew she was looking for a place to go, but, I had my hands full, and, couldn’t get to her in time. We’re crate training her, so, it’s working well. She’s also becoming friends with my cat… one who doesn’t like dogs, but, they’re adjusting well, too.

Thanks for choosing her for me… she’s great, and, I believe she’ll be great! I’ll send you some pictures soon. It’s very hot here right now, and, she likes to lie over the air conditioning vents when she comes inside…she also sticks very close to us. She’s great!!!

Talk to you soon!

d. 7/22/2006