Hello Mary,

Hope all is well and I wanted to give you an update on Miakoda/Eric Waldhimmel. Miakoda Just turned One and he had a nice birthday party with a couple lightly wrapped toys. He had so much fun and his tail would not stop wagging as he was bouncing from room to room. With the weather improving, the Agility Equipment is out and we added a few new pieces and started to practice and get back into rhythm again. Basic Obedience is as always, in progress and his social skills towards people and animals are great. He has a fan list that we have to make stops every so often as they Awe at his growth and beauty. I tell them he gets it from his Pack Dad, Me, but they just Snicker at me and let me know my place in the food chain. Miakoda is having his Mature moments and I see more and more of this as he grows. Life seems to still be a lot of Play, Play, Sleep, Play, Eat, Play, Crash. Sticks, Chipmunks, Walks, Chuck-It trips and rides help, and as the weather improves, we spend a good block of time on the Agility Course. In May, we will start our visits to a trainer who will be helping with his Positive Citizen Certification training and see how things go from that point.

Thanks for everything and take care,

Scott 4/9/2012