Hello Mary,

I just wanted to drop you a line and a photo to let you know that Valdo AKA (Gunner) is doing great. He’s merely three years old, 100 lbs, and very healthy. Thank you so much for breeding such beautiful and intelligent dogs. He is more than I could eve rask for. I cannot believe how smart he is. He does absolutely everything I tell him too. He understands English perfectly. All the way down to the smallest things. For example, when giving him a bath he turns around in the tub on command, and even waits to shake the water off himself until I tell him too.

He is also protective; but not overly to where I have to worry about him biting someone when it is un-warranted. His instincts are incredible; if I’m iffy about someone so is He, Gunner pays very close attention to our surroundings.

Gunner is loved by all who know him; and he receives compliments on his looks and behavior everywhere we go. Really Mary Thank you so much for such a great dog. He has a good life; I would never trade him for anything.


Zach 3/30/2012