Hi Mary,

I figured you might like an update on Andre. He’s maturing well now at 20 months old. The red in his coat has really come out. He got an A+ from my vet at his last checkup. His coat, teeth and joins were remarkably good. He’s been really good this winter, what with little daylight and all. He’s got a good feel for other dogs and what level of interaction is appropriate. He plays rough with my parents German Shepherd, Jenni (they have a LOT of fun), and recently he met my sister’s teacup chihuahua, who is obviously looking for a more low key interaction. He’s fiercely protective of the house, but instantly recognizes friends. I had some friends come over that he hadn’t seen in about 6 months, and he went from his protective bark to squeaking like a puppy faster than you can blink. I suspect he got the squeak from Qwendi. It’s pretty funny to watch the transition. Here are some photos of him playing outside today. He’s currently asleep on my foot due to all the activity.

Morgan 02/04/2011