It’s been awhile since I updated you on Lilly. She’s now two and a half years old and absolutely the most amazing and beautiful dog. Over the holiday some dad’s and I took our daughter’s camping on the Appalachian trail in the North Georgia mountains. Lilly loves to hike but it was her first camp out and she was awesome. There are bears in the mountains and while we saw none, the girls took comfort in having Lilly at their sides.

Lilly is now about 70 lbs and, according to our vet in perfect condition thanks to our daily commitment to exercise her and your great breeding. Now fully mature she has a “presence” about her of extreme confidence. She’s as gentle as she is beautiful and a continuous source of joy for our family. I thought you’d enjoy the picture of one of your “girls” all grown up.

Take care,

Paul 01/05/2012