Things are going well with Rueger Bear and Ziva. They really like each other. Our yellow lab is fond of the pup too. Penny, the Maine Coon doesn’t like any of the dogs, but that’s expected of her. Bell, the black cat has already let Rueger know who’s boss.

Rueger actually wears Ziva out. Ziva gets so tired of watching and caring for him all day. But she is such a good puppy mama and we are so glad we have her to play with Rueger. Rueger plays hard and then crashes a few times a day. Rueger and Ziva love tug-a-war. He hasn’t been left alone yet as he would be sure to get into something (probably the garbage).

Attached is a picture from 11/13 of Rueger and Ziva with their bones. All for now.


The Griffith Family 11/20/2011