Thought you would enjoy this picture of Wrangler (Drago), he was about a year and a half when this was taken, so he has filled out a little more. He has been through four obedience classes, has his GCS, and now we are working agility (he LOVES it!) He is an amazingly sweet and gentle dog. He isn’t around kids hardly at all, yet when I take him out in public, he always gives the kids a good kiss in the face! The other day we were waiting outside a store, a family came up with a small child, they let the toddler get in has face and pull on his ears, I was ready to pull Drago back at his first sign of distress, but he just stood there and wagged his tail. In some ways he is just a big overgrown baby. You can see in the one picture his “green spider” it’s like his blanket, when he is tired or upset he runs and gets his spider, then just holds it in his mouth, or uses it as a pillow. I can’t even begin to tell you how much he means to me, my life revolves around this very spoiled baby.

Thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog!

Shelley 11/11/2011