Hi Mary,

FYI….. the 5 ft x 3 ft mini-pen I have rigged up next to the bed works like a dream. His crate is inside with the door fastened open and Brix looks to the place as ultimate safe haven and home base. Never once has he soiled inside. I put him there only for some of his naps and at night. If he has to potty he let’s me know and we go outside and take care of business. Invariably, when he has been inside for a few hours and I take him out for exercise and play (or he lets me know it is time), within seconds of his being set down on the grass he is doing a pee.

Yesterday morning he successfully solved two tracking problems…. such fun to see him run forward and back numerous times and then pick up the scent and head the right direction. Also he went up and down the back porch stairs (8″ risers) for the first time and did it with considerable ease. Had him down at the spring and he navigated the 20 ft long 2 foot wide foot bridge with all the assurance in the world. So proud of him ! ! !

Dennis 6/18/2006