Hi Mary,

Just a quick note to say HI! I hope you, your family and all the dogs are doing well. We are well. Alara finished Kindergarten this year and Ross is 1.5 yrs old already. Ross absolutely loves Niko. He calls him KOKO. He’s a real animal lover. Very cute.

Niko is doing very well. Health is good, energy is great (especially if any kind of play is involved…tireless!). Now that he’s 4.5 yrs old, he’s starting to show some signs of possibly mellowing out (ha ha). He’s such a sweet guy and minds well. He’ll even bark once in a blue moon to remind us that he’s a dog after all (usually at the deer or other critter on the other side of the fence; and once in a while at someone walking their dog up the road). Just throw his ball and he’s happy as can be.

I wanted to share this photo with you. What a lovely boy he is!

Warmest regards, 7/1/2011