Hi Mary,

I promised not to bombard you with emails, but I had to tell you that Eliza was spectacular at the nursing home today. This probably isn’t a surprise to you, but I wasn’t quite certain what to expect with all the people in wheelchairs, walkers, all the activity. She was simply stunning, doing everything perfectly, even though she was in such unfamiliar territory, new sounds, smells, etc. She of course loved all the attention and everyone loved her. A favorite resident of mine, a younger man confined to a wheelchair and who really loved both Rosie and Baewulf, has been awaiting her arrival but didn’t expect her so soon. He was so excited, and since he couldn’t bend down to pet Eliza, I picked her up and put her in his lap, and she was so gentle and loving, no squirming, just giving him lots of puppy kisses. I was almost in tears. Mary, she is just so wonderful, how can a puppy so young be so good with such little training . . . she was actually much better than Baewulf on his first (and many subsequent) visits, and he had a solid year-plus of training. She is just so calm, intuitive and loving, what a rare combination.

An “open door” alarm went off while she was resting, and Liza immediately responded alertly with her eyes focused exactly where the sound was coming from. Also to mention, her “watch me” is so strong, did Hailey train this or is it intuitive? After a good nap at work when we got back there, I had to stop at a small supplement store and decided to take her in with me. Although I needed only to get one thing, I took a small cart to see how she would react. A little hesitant/curious for about five seconds, then she was right there walking with it. We didn’t go very far, but wow, what a girl! Went through checkout, she sat when I told her to sit, and she’s doing wonderful leash work. Won’t keep you, but I can’t tell you how happy and amazed I am, Liza is one incredible little puppy. Her potential is limitless, and I will be dedicated to letting her be all she can.

Thank you, thank you!
Danielle 6/30/2011