Hi Mary,

Hi, Mary. It’s Brooklyn. I just thought I’d let you know how Sascha is doing. He is very smart and outgoing. A quick learner. When I’m at home, he is always near me. He is very affectionate with the family and loves meeting new people and dogs. I’ve taken him on my days off to a nursing home to visit the residents and he did very well. Everyone loved him and he was very calm, curious, and friendly. He is very gentle with the elderly and with children. They all seemed so impressed with his temperament. I do plan on taking him back again because of how well he did. I think it’s a good way to socialize him and to brighten everyone’s day there. He is just a great dog and we’ve all gotten attached to him. I took him to a friend’s house so they could meet him and he was already as tall as their adult dog. (They have a Pit-Shepherd mix) He’s growing so fast and loves water. We filled our kiddie pool and he’ll bite the water, stick his front paws in, and bark. Very cute to watch. Oh, and he is potty trained now! I hope things are going well for you, too. How are those little ones doing that I saw earlier this month?

Brooklyn 6/26/2011