Hello Mary,

I hope all is well and I wanted to share a 12 week old Miakoda picture with you. Eric Waldhimmel and myself are doing Great! We are continuing our obedience lessons and we are learning so much. We are also in our second week of puppy 101 and he has great social skills towards all people and dogs. Every Saturday we are going to our local shopping mall which is pet friendly during certain hours. We have taken rides in the Elevator and walked big stairs to second levels and met many people and dogs. His Leash work is going great and we are taking evening walks daily.

At times I feel like a delivery driver as I have had so many requests from people to see Miakoda again. I don’t need to focus on the compliments he gets from people he meets. When Miakoda turns One, I have spoken with our dog trainer and we are going to work on getting his Positive Citizen Certification to share his joy with others in our community. Thanks so much for everything and it makes me very happy to inform people about Your Family when they ask, ” Where did you get Miakoda.”

Thanks again,

Scott 6/24/2011