Hi Mary,

I’ve attached a pic of Bentley today… he’s doing GREAT. We have comments from strangers (literally) ALL THE TIME about how beautiful he is.

We met a woman from Germany yesterday who has lived in the U.S. for 45 years. As a child growing up, she was raised around German Shepherds… and has been amazed to see the type of GSD dogs that are common here (in her opinion). She said they are slimmer and have an angular hind-quarter, so we discussed the differences. She has never seen a more beautiful dog than Bentley. She loves his lines and his personality… and recognizes his breeding as excellent. It was great to hear her fuss over him.

And then we met a guy in Lowe’s yesterday who has a 2-year old black lab named Chloe. She’s in training for search and rescue. He and his wife want another dog, and they really want a GSD… so he may be calling you. Chloe and Bentley got along great (Bentley gets along with children, adults and dogs). Bentley at 6 months

Bentley is loving, gentle, PROTECTIVE and very smart. He is also a herding dog! A llama named “Buddy” lives next door, and Bentley has figured out a way to get into their pasture. He then herds “Buddy” and has a great time (until we catch up with him). Luckily, Buddy’s owners have children with dogs who also play with Buddy when they visit. We’re so glad they are not upset. We have only had to get Bentley out of their pasture twice (so far), and now we’re keeping him on a 30′ leash so we can ‘step on it’ and stop him if he tries to enter again. His DNA is amazing. He’s amazing and we love him. We cannot imagine life without him.