Nora Info

Nora vom Crystalhaus

Nora German Shepherd 1

V Nora vom Crystalhaus
SchH1, KKL1, CD, TC
OFA Good hips and elbows


Nora is an Ulk Von Arlett/Kimon V. Dan Alheys Hoeve Granddaughter. Her drives and “want to please” attitude have earned her many accomplishments at quite a young age.

Nora placed SG-2 at the Regional in Snohomish in 2000, under SV Juge Henning Setzer. She completed her CD Obedience Title at 16 Months of Age, passing all three legs consecutively. She went on to obtain her TC, BH & AD the following month! Now Nora has added the SchH1 title and the coveted “V” rating to her list of accomplishments.


Nora German Shepherd 2
Nora has been retired from our breeding program to
begin working as a Service Dog in Joseph, Oregon.


Nora’s Pedigree:

Joschy Vom Eschtor, SchH 2 VA Ulk Von Arlett SchH3 VA Yago vom Wildsteiger Land SchH3, FH
V Dolly von Arlett SchH2
V Farina Vom Christinen Brunnen,
SchH 1
V Cello Von Der Romerau, SchH 3, FH
V Gandie Vom Dreibirkenhaus, SchH 3
Kora V. Dan Alhedy’s Hoeve VA Kimon V. Dan Alhedy’s Hoeve
SchH 3
VA Mark Vom Haus Beck, SchH 3
V Candy V. Dan Alhedy’s Hoeve, IOP 1
Nikki V. Morsinkshof, IPO 1 VA Jeck Vom Noricum, SchH
Afra Van Staring