The Long Haired German Shepherd Dog

Also Called Long Coats or Long Stock Coats

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Long Hair Dog 1

As a German Shepherd Dog Breeder, I am often asked to explain the different coat lengths of my German Shepherd Dogs. My German Shepherds featured on the “Our Dogs” page are all “Stock Coat” or “Plush Coat” German Shepherds. These dogs have the desired coat length for showing/breeding per the current SV standards… as do the long stock coats (as of January 1, 2010).

When breeding my German Shepherd Dogs I understand they carry the long coat recessive gene and, that if I breed them to another dog which carries this gene, I will produce a long coat German Shepherd Puppy or two in each of my German Shepherd Dog litters. This is a “double recessive” gene – it requires both parents to carry it in order for a long coat to be produced.

Long Hair Dog 2

Currently my Long Stock Coats or Long Haired German Shepherd Dogs are placed as either Pet/Companions or Show/Working Dogs. As of January 1, 2010, they are again allowed thru the SV to be used for show (in a separate class from the stock coats).

Many people prefer the Long Stock Coats as they are generally larger boned/darker red. Others request regular Stock Coat/Plush Coat as they do not wish to have a German Shepherd with added hair. The amount of hair differs from German Shepherd Dog to German Shepherd Dog. The only thing that is certain with my Long Stock Coats is they will have tuffs of hair at the base of their ears – unlike a Stock Coat or Plush Coat German Shepherd Dog.

Long Hair Dog 3

Again – the Long Haired German Shepherd Dog has the same amount of undercoat to shed as a Stock Coat or Plush Coat German Shepherd Dog. They will have longer hair at the base of their ears and “usually” longer body coat, bushier tail and hair more hair on the backs of the legs and feet. They are always the first to be noticed due to their rich pigmentation.

Long Stock Coat, Long Coat (long coat without an undercoat) vs Stock Coat/Plush Coat? All are rich in pigment as well as personality!!