Show/Breeding/Sport Sale Agreement

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Seller: Mary Bryant, von Waldhimmel German Shepherd Dogs
6395 NW High Heaven Road, McMinnville, OR 97128


This Sale Agreement covers the sale of one [ ] Male or [ ] Female German Shepherd Dog puppy Sired by ________ and Dam ________. The cost of this Puppy is $3,500 + $400 shipping fees (if necessary). A non-refundable* deposit of $500 was received on __________ with the remaining $3,000 + shipping due 10 days prior to picking up the puppy or prior to shipping the puppy @ 8 weeks. *Deposit can be applied to next available litter only.

This puppy is sold with AKC Limited Registration Papers and will be registered, named and tattooed by the breeder. The AKC Limited Registration will be lifted after the hips/elbows are certified @ 12 months and the dog attains a minimum IPO 1.  The dog is not to be bred before 24 months.

We provide the following hip/elbow warranty: Hip/elbow rating of either A-1, 2 or 3 as determined by the SV at 12 months. Should the puppy not pass the A stamp program at 12 months of age – the Seller will offer a replacement puppy from the next available litter only. The original puppy must immediately be spayed or neutered at the owner’s expense. The owner will keep ownership of this dog in addition to the replacement puppy chosen by the breeder. **Hip status must be confirmed by providing Breeder with copy of the SV A Stamp results which require Tattoo Number and Name Of Dog clearly displayed on the x-ray**.

The Buyer will receive a vaccine/worming record with their pup, and have been advised the pup will continue to be at risk of Parvo etc. until fully vaccinated. The puppy is guaranteed to pass a Health Exam at the Purchaser’s vet within 3 days of ownership. Should the puppy not pass this Health Exam, the Seller will refund the entire purchase price. **Shipping fees to and from the Seller are not refunded**. If for any reason the Buyer does not take the puppy to their veterinarian within three days of ownership, the Seller assumes no responsibility for the puppy’s health.

If, for any reason, the Buyer can no longer keep the above mentioned German Shepherd Dog, the ownership will revert to the Seller/Breeder. All AKC paperwork signed over to the breeder/Seller must accompany the dog, plus all vet records. **No monies will be reimbursed to the Buyer** (except for health reasons during the initial three day ownership/Health Check period).  This German Shepherd Dog cannot be sold or advertised “for sale” _________ (Buyer initial)

No provision of this Sale Agreement may be amended without the written approval of both the Seller and the Buyer. Since violations of this Sale Agreement may be detrimental to the reputation of the Seller’s kennel name and the value of the Seller’s dogs, Buyer agrees that any such violation will entitle the Seller to payment, on demand, in the amount equal to five times the purchase price stated above. Should litigation become necessary, Buyer agrees to litigation in Yamhill County, Oregon.

Seller and Buyer agree to the terms set above by their signatures below. There are no other warranties either expressed or implied.


Buyer/Date: __________________

Seller/Date: __________________