Deja Vu Info

Deja Vu von Waldhimmel

Deja Vu German Shepherd 1 Deja Vu German Shepherd 2

V Deja Vu von Waldhimmel SchH1, KKL1a, ZW 77
2001 Western Regional Youth Siegerin
OVC Certified Hips and Elbows/A Normal Hips
~ Retired from breeding @ 7 years of age ~


Deja Vu is simply gorgeous. Her mother is our Maxi Vom Wiesenborn, SchH1 and her father is the Canadian Sieger and multiple VA Hillo de Marne la Vallee SchH3 FH. She has such a stunning face and coloring and her drives are absolutely exceptional as well.

Deja was officially retired from our breeding program in 2007. Her lines will continue thru Nemo, Nala, Qwendi, and Xara.


Deja’s Show Record:

VP-2 3-6 2000 Delta Club Show, Canada (SV Schwedes)
VP 6-9 2000 Snohomish Club, Washington (SV Setzer)
VP-1 9-12 2000 Boise Schutzhund Club, Idaho (SV Henrici)
SG-1 12-18 2000 Western Rescue Schutzhund Club, Canada (SV Henrici)
SG-1 18-14 2001 Western Rescue Schutzhund Club, Canada (SV Thibaut)
SG-4 2001 WDA Sieger Show, California (SV Mai)
V-2 2002 Feather River Schutzhund Club, California (SV Ruckert)
V 2002 Snohomish Schutzhund Club. Washington (SV Bradtke)
V 2003 Western Rescue Schutzhund Club, Canada (SV Thibaut)
V-2 2004 Clackamas Schutzhund Club, Oregon (SV Gothe)


Deja’s Pedigree:

VA Hillo de Marne La Vallee,
SchH3 "a"
V Tony vd Wienerau SchH3 VA Zamb vd Wienerau SchH3
V Xila vd Wienerau SchH1
V Furia de Marne la Valle SchH2 V Darold de Marne la Valle SchH3
Danca de Marne la Valle SchH1
SG Maxi v Wiesenbo,
SchH1 "a"
VA Max della Logia dei Mercanti
SchH3 FH
VA Visum v Arminius SchH3
V Luna della Isola dei Baroni SchH1
V Ulme v Wiesenborn SchH1 VA Kimon v Dan Alhedy’s Hoeve SchH3
V Fanta v Wiesenborn SchH1