Choosing Your German Shepherd Breeder

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Researching German Shepherd Breeders

If you’re considering purchasing German Shepherd puppy from a breeder, there are several things you need to consider. You can check with local veterinarians. You can also research the Internet for the names of German Shepherd breeders.

Is The Breeder Passionate About German Shepherds?

Make sure you find a breeder who is more interested in finding good homes for the puppies rather than making a quick sale. Once you choose the German Shepherd breeder, determine whether or not the breeder offers a warranty. You need to also find out what type of documentations come with your new German Shepherd puppy. Will the puppy be registered? Is it pedigreed?

All von Waldhimmel German Shepherd puppies and German Shepherd Dogs are AKC registered.

Look At The Puppies And The Adult German Shepherds

Do you get to see the parents of the puppy? Many quality breeders will be using outside studs who reside in different states/countries but you should be able to view the mother before she whelps or later when you pick up your puppy. Determine which vaccinations the puppy has already received and which ones it still requires. One of the most important things to do is make sure your puppy is healthy. How does its coat appear? Does it look shiny or dull? Is it balding in some spots? Does the breeder keep the dogs in a clean, odor-free area? Are the puppies active and friendly? Does the breeder have another job 8-5 and not the adequate time to devote to a litter of active puppies.

At von Waldhimmel, our puppies and dogs live in a clean and beautiful environment with plenty of room to run and exercise.

Your Breeder Should Have A List Of Satisfied Buyers

Will the breeder provide you the names of other customers who have recently purchased one of their German Shepherd puppies or provide you with written testimonials? The testimonial of past customers will make you feel more comfortable about purchasing a puppy from the breeder.

Our happy clients send us emails and photos of their German Shepherd puppies. Some send regular updates. You can read our satisfied owners’ comments on our Testimonials page.